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Carter hasn't been going to classes and her GPA is dropping, but she thinks people should give her a break considering.

Crash introduces Carter to his uncle. She likes him. Crash asks her to a romantic dinner.

Ofe and Taylor have been hooking up all week. He wants more.

Bird's portion of the bills is over $500 and she has...nothing. Max cannot cover them both. Is that a surprise? 

Taylor discovers the news about David and her birth mother and freaks. David and Elizabeth start arguing over their marriage and all the garbage miscommunication comes up from last week, just as TA Hilary shows up at the door.

All the kids go to the fair. Grant has a girlfriend.

Carter goes to get her tarot read. She's not fully open to the experience. She's really freaking out.

Bird buys out the bumper cars for a couple hours, wasting a couple hundred bucks. Max is upset because, bills. Max thinks it's sad she thinks she has to buy friends.

Crash talks to Carter's guidance counselor about her. Abby thinks Carter should let go of her past like Crash has done.

Grant has problems with his girlfriend when they lose each other in the fun house.

Taylor and Max run into each other. She wonders if they're psychically connected. They're not. 

Crash crashes on Taylor and Max's conversation. His uncle has a driving job for him, but he's with Carter. Can Max do it? It pays $200. Of course, Crash needs the money. Meanwhile, Ofe won a stuffed animal for Taylor.

Elizabeth asked Kyle over and is making out with him on the couch. She's doing it angrily and it seems like part of her hopes David comes home and sees them together. Carter comes home and she rushes him out.

Carter has been drinking and admits she was with Crash. Carter informs Elizabeth her friend Abby thinks Crash is just great and Carter should be just like him. Carter's under so much pressure, and being expected to take the test is killing her. Elizabeth is afraid if she pushes too hard, Carter will push back and if she doesn't push, she'll be Lori. Elizabeth wants Carter to take the test and to bomb it. It's OK. She's putting more pressure on herself than Elizabeth is putting onto her.

David gets home with Hilary. They're busy giving each other compliments. Great teacher, great teaching assistant. He kisses her and regrets it. She doesn't. 

Bird admits to Max she thinks nobody will like her if she doesn't spend money on them. He says she's wrong.

David admits to Taylor he used a physical relationship with Lori to avoid dealing with his problems in his marriage and he hopes she never has to deal with it, because it only makes it worse. She looks over at the stuffed animal. She already has.

David and Elizabeth chat in the morning. It's odd. She thinks Carter is beginning to understand the benefit of a good education. Suddenly Carter gets into Crash's car and speeds off.

At school, Taylor hears Bird thanking Max, prompting her to check out some Russian literature with Ofe.

Gabe hits on Abby. Awkward!

Elizabeth arrives at the test to tell Abby they need to work together to keep Crash out of Carter's life because he's a terrible influence. As they're talking, Crash pulls up and gives Carter a care package, complete with pencils, erasers and bananas. Carter is thinking about Lori. She never thought about classes, learning or anything. She wasn't just being the cool mom. She probably never wanted her to go to college because she'd end up alone.

Crash goes back to the garage to find Max waiting for him. Max wants to know why the car that was dropped off was filled with coke. The both stare at the trunk as the credits roll.


Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Because from where I'm standing only one of us is pulling for this marriage to work and it's me.


David: If you want to see other people, just say so.
Liz: I'm not the one with a date in the other room!