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Carter listens outside her parents' bedroom. Taylor comes up behind her and tells Carter she broke up with Max. She thinks Max cares more about forgiving Crash than being with her. She hears her parents fighting and then walks back down the hall and slams the door.

Liz tells David she'll never get past the fact he didn't tell her when they found Carter.

Carter and Max have an adorable conversation about parents getting divorced and he decides he's leaving and going back to Pennsylvania. NOOOOO.

Family meeting. Liz and David are separating. They're not getting divorced. Yet. When David says they love each other very much, Elizabeth winces. They'll take turns living in the house.

It's the grandparents anniversary party tonight Carter talks them into all going as a family to this one last 'do. At school, Taylor wonders what's going on and why they're separating. What does Carter know? While they're talking, Carter receives a call from county jail from Lori. She doesn't accept. 

Max takes his truck to Crash to get it fixed. He can pay in installments, but he needs to get it fixed so he can go home. Crash wants him to stay. Get a job, he says. Max replies that he had a job until Crash shot him.

Elizabeth is in so much pain. Carter tries to make her feel better, assuring her they can't let Lori win. Lori manipulates and makes people feel bad. While they're talking, Crash brings Max back to the house and Elizabeth lays into him. Always with the smirk. He has the nerve to nod and raise his eyebrows at Carter, as if expecting a different answer from her.

David and Grant go off to buy clothes after Grant wonders about David's teacher's assistant. He even asks if David is dating her.

Carter tries to dress Max in David's clothes so he can go to the party with the family.

While the family is clothes shopping, Lori tries to call Taylor. Carter wants to block her number, but nobody thinks that will stop her.

Taylor takes a glass of champagne to get happy during the party, pretending to be the Stanford student she hopes to be.

When Gammy introduces the girls to her old friend who works at Stanford, she is far more interested in Carter than Taylor and that doesn't go over well with Taylor. Carter tries to steer the conversation in favor of Tay, but the woman is completely interested in her past. 

Grant tells Gammy about his parents splitting up. She rushes off to ask Elizabeth if she's OK. Elizabeth reminds her she never liked David. That doesn't mean Gammy (Joan!!) doesn't want Elizabeth to be happy.

Carter and Max find Taylor in the kitchen, playing champagne pong. She's pretty wasted by the time they get to her. Max takes her outside and they talk and kiss. He wasn't ready to leave her and wants to get back together with her.

Taylor feels like Max forgiving Crash is more important than what it would feel like for her to lose him forever. She's also angry at Carter for butting into her life. In her drunkenness, Taylor tells her grandparents they aren't even related for their anniversary. 

Joan wants to take care of her daughter for the first night of their separation. 

Taylor apologizes to Carter for saying she's like Lori. Carter is afraid of how angry she is at Lori.

Max slept at Crash's shop because he had no place else to go. He wants to take Crash up on the job offer and calls him a lifesaver. Crash thinks that's a bit ironic.

Lori calls Carter again and Carter answers, telling her to leave her family alone and hangs up.

Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Elizabeth: I just. I feel alone.
Carter: Mom. I'm here.

Carter: They're getting divorced.
Max: You don't know that.
Carter: Yes I do.
Max: Nothing's certain.
Carter: This is all my fault. I should have made him go to Elizabeth sooner.
Max: It's not your fault.
Carter: What'd you think when your parents got divorced?
Max: I thought it was my fault. Look, maybe they'll break up, maybe they won't, but it's not yours to fix.
Carter: No. I can fix this.
Max: I do love your enthusiasm.