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Taylor is awake, she was up all night. She doesn't want to take the day off. She doesn't want to dwell. She wants to move on. Carter thinks back to what Lori was saying on the phone yesterday morning.

Elizabeth is thinking about suing the clinic since Lori found them, even after 18 years. Carter goes to see her dad, and she flat out asks him if it was him that Lori was talking to on the phone. He's shocked that she thinks it was him, but she can't shake it. When Taylor says she's taking Max to physical therapy, Carter reminds her about Econ and Max says he can find his own way. Taylor isn't pleased.

Carter wants to know if she can watch the FBI interrogation of Lori. Elizabeth doesn't think so.

Max tells Carter he thinks Elizabeth is trying to protect her and she wonders from what.

At the station, Elizabeth tells Kyle it's over but Lori keeps stirring the pot.

At school, everyone welcomes Carter back. They're planning a Welcome Back Carter party. They couldn't live without her now.

When Max leaves physical therapy, Crash is outside. He is weirdly apologetic with a smile, trying to get Max to "understand."

Carter has a photo of David. She goes to him with it, wondering what Lori is driving at. She knows there is more to it than he is willing to admit and she needs his help. David tells Carter he had a one night stand with Lori. It was the biggest mistake of his life and he never saw her again until Carter was found. Carter urges him to tell Elizabeth. He thinks the truth would destroy her. Now that she knows the truth, it makes her a liar and she doesn't want to be a party to it. He insists.

When Carter asks Taylor to reassure Elizabeth about being their real mom, Taylor says she knows she's their real mom and she has homework. She's just moving on.

Taylor and Max continue to pass like two ships in the night. They seem to be skirting communication as if they both think the other doesn't really want to bother the other.

As they're doing shots, Max's face goes dark. He sees Crash. Carter sees him as well and can't believe it. Crash refuses to give up on Max. Carter runs after him. He always has a smug look on his face. Carter can't believe he's there after he left her in a gas station with her friend dying in her arms. He's glad she turned him in. He was messed up and dangerous. If he had driven out of town, he would probably be dead. He just needs Max to forgive him, or at least know that he knows he did the wrong thing. Gabe pushes and then hits Crash. Crash isn't fighting anyone anymore.

When they get home, Taylor can't believe it. Max takes Carter upstairs. She's crying about how close she came to losing him.

Taylor is angry to learn Max isn't angrier that Crash is back in their lives. He tells her not everything in life is simple, even if she wants it to be.

When the news of Crash comes out in the morning, Elizabeth reveals she knew he was out of prison, but ever expected him to come near the family. When Carter says she's the only one in the family telling the truth, David says he's driving her to school. He reminds her she promised to keep his secret.

Crash meets Max again after rehab. The safety was on the gun and his uncle is suing the manufacturer. He threw everything away when everyone gave him so many chances. He was always a dick. He just can't let what happened with Max go. Max says fine and gets into the truck.

Taylor cannot believe it when she sees him get out of the truck at home. Max wants her to stop being mad at her. She says he's damaged or something and he says he won't continue hating. Carter talks with him about it and wonders if she should forgive him. He doesn't know, but Max won't let Crash make him a victim.

Taylor wants things to go back to normal, but there is no going back. She talks to Ofe and rests her head on his shoulder.

Elizabeth apologizes for not telling Carter about Max. She realizes there are a lot of things she should have told Carter.

Taylor and Max talk. Crazily, Taylor breaks up with him.

Carter talks with David. This is the lie that is going to destroy us, not the abduction, not the egg donor stuff. David can't forgive himself, so he knows he can't be forgiven. As he tells Carter the full truth, Elizabeth is at the precinct watching Lori being interrogated by the FBI. Their stories matched to some degree. She found him. On Elizabeth's birthday, they got into a big fight. As far as David said, he went to a bar and Lori was just there. Lori says he called her on the night Elizabeth left. She thought it meant they would raise her kids together. He had no such intentions. Did the truth match somewhere in the middle?

As Carter and David go to tell Elizabeth, she emerges from the interrogation room with a tear stained face. They're too late.

Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Carter: Tell me the truth. Was there something between you and Lori?
David: Yes. Yes, there was.

Bird: So what, she was in cahoots with someone and they kidnapped you together?
Carter: Maybe, yeah.