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Party at Bird's. Max is crashing at Bird's and Crash's, depending upon the night.

The FBI shows up at Bird's. She starts calling her emergency contacts. It's like watching The Peanuts. No parents around. The FBI is after them.

Crash is worried about Carter. 

When Carter get's home, Hillary, Dad's TA is there dropping off tomorrow's teaching assignment. Grant reflects that Dad seems to think she's funny.

Carter is sharing the good news about Max working with Crash and his uncle with Tay when Lori's ex calls Carter to arrange a coffee date.

David and Elizabeth agree they're going to work it out.

Lori's ex wants Carter to speak on her behalf. Lori was on meds until she kidnapped Carter; both times. Off her meds she's not good. Lori begged him to go talk to Carter.

Grant is not doing well at all and explodes at the dishwasher in front of Gammy.

Bird decides to throw a destroy the house before the FBI gets it party.

Lori's ex, Alan, ain't no friend of Lori's or of Carter's. 

Carter tells Elizabeth about the expert witness costing $2000. Crash tells her she's looking for an excuse to forgive her when she goes to him looking for a job.

Taylor is totally jealous of Bird.

When Kyle comes to deliver papers to Elizabeth, they hug and almost kiss. She says she can't because of her and David. He understands and tells her he misses her.

Bird burns her parents file.

When Taylor sees Bird dragging Max toward the hot tub, she grabs Ofe and takes him away to make out with him. 

Max shows up with cash for Carter. 

Grant goes to David with questions. He wonders why they say they're working on things and he's hanging with Hillary and mom was kissing Kyle. His misreading the situations and making assumptions.

Carter goes to visit Lori with the psychiatrist. 

Gammy offers to Grant another visit with her friend and he takes her up on it.

Lori embarrasses herself in front of the psychiatrist. She only asked for the visit to get to see Carter. Carter finally leaves, saying she's done with her.

Hillary delivers class papers and asks David to get a beer. He says yes.

Carter goes to Crash and cries over Lori.

Ofe calls Taylor to tell her he enjoyed being in the closet with her. He was hesitant in there because he likes her.

Carter moves in to kiss Crash and he pulls away. Is she sure. No. She kisses him anyway.


Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

So you're looking for an excuse to forgive her.


Carter, are you really willing to let Lori back into our lives after everything she put us through? Because I'm not.