L- Bode and Jake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 6
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Bode calls Jake to apologize for calling Gabriella, but it doesn't go as planned. They have a terrible argument.
Gabriella and Manny meet at a diner. Manny wants Gabriella to come home, but he can't accept that she has decided to join Cal Fire permanently.
Bode's mom visits with his dad on the phone, telling him the news of her illness. She asks him to avoid trouble so he can get out on parole without trouble.
Bode asks Manny for a favor to get an early release from the parole board, but Manny doesn't take the request kindly.
A hiker is in trouble. Bode and Manny are the first on the scene, with Jake and the fire station joining on later to save the hiker's friend.
Jake flexes his temporary powers on Bode.
Kirsten -- the second hiker -- is alive, but a storm is coming, which will complicate things when the tide rises.
Bode breaks the news of his mom's illness to Jake and Eve, which calms the tensions between them a little.
The attempt at a complicated rescue injures Eve. She dislocates her shoulder and loses communication with the crew, but she is still operational.
The now two-people rescue requires Jake and Bode to work together since they are the most familiar with the area. Manny is not thrilled about this.
Eve proceeds with the rescue by herself before Jake and Bode get there. She needs an extra set of hands, so she asks for the injured hiker'S help.
Vince and Sharon learn of Vince's brother's betrayal to get the fire chief position.
Bode, Jake, and Eve combine their knowledge to lift the hiker. An unforeseen circumstance threatens all four lives.
The rescue is successful.
Gabriella is thrilled when her father approves of her new career path.
Bode and Gabriella have a phone chat where Bode cuts off all interactions between them after seeing how much it bothers Jake.
Jake and Eve come to visit Bode, and they decide to give their friendship a shot again.
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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Bode, you were gone for so long, we assumed you were dead. I'm done worrying about you.


I've dislocated my shoulder but still operational. I'm going to make contact with the patient.