L - Jake - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 9
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Manny is still on his gambling bender and almost fights with another gambler who loses all his money, including rent.
Vince comes clean about getting Sharon demoted from her old position.
A hit-and-run leaves two siblings in a life-threatening situation. Their car is left suspended on a bridge.
Eve is back, and she and Jake discuss Jake's plans to move in with Gabriella.
Manny leads the rescue efforts; the team notices he is on edge.
Rescue efforts are delayed as moving the engine to the accident scene is proving impossible.
Among the crowd watching are the parents of the kids in the wreck. The parents are beside themselves when they realize this.
The scene triggers some old memories for Vince.
Vince and Manny crash over the differences in their approach to the rescue.
Against Manny's wishes, Vince allows the parents to see their children.
Gabriella confronts Manny over his behavior and appearance.
Luke confronts Sharon over the legality of Bode being on the program.
In a flashback, Vince relives the night of Riley's death.
While arguing about the course of action to take on rescue, the car shifts position.
Jake backs Manny's plan up.
Luke makes a pass at Sharon when she admits to having influenced Manny's decision to allow Bode into the program.
Bode tries to connect with his dad when he notices him struggling.
Bode convinces his dad not to make a silly decision.
The sibling who had passed out comes to and starts panicking. Bode jumps into the car to try and stop him from killing himself.
Bode successfully saves him, but he is trapped in the car, which falls into the river below.
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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Dealer: It's 4:30 in the morning, man.
Manny: Yeah. I'm just gonna hit the ATM. I'll be right back.

Notice the captain a little on edge today?