People from town protest prison firefighter camp LEAD - Fire Country Season 2 Episode 7
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People say reporters can't be trusted, and that's how it seems at first when a video journalist shows up at Three Rock with a cameraman.

She seems to have more interest in the story the community thinks happens rather than the actual events as she questions Eve about the escaped inmate and dead deputy from Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6.

Luke Leone steps in and tries to set the record straight, but the reporter doesn't seem interested in hearing the facts.

After the interview, Bode talks to Eve about his frustrations about not getting granted excused leave. While the reason is valid -- the Leones are signing Genevieve's guardianship papers, Three Rock is on lockdown.

No visitors, no phone calls, no field trips off campus.

Bode isn't the only one nervous about the official signing. Sharon worries about taking responsibility for a pre-teenage girl after it's been so long since their daughter was that age.

Because the reporters are at camp, Eve asks Manny to be part of the interview. She thinks it would help the public to see someone who has been through the program.

But Luke shuts it down. He claims it's for Manny's good, but we can tell he is playing politics. He's not a supporter of the program, like he claims.

As the reporter comes outside, Luke tells Eve they don't need to use Manny. He claims Eve is doing a good enough job on the interview, but she didn't.

Manny stops to talk to Bode and Cole about not participating in the interview, and he's not happy. He guesses that Chief Leone still wants Manny to be the scapegoat for all the problems at the camp in Season 1, like the drugs.

Chief Leone ordered the prisoners to erect a fence around the camp to show the community they listened. As they're putting the fence in place, a group of locals show up to protest.

Meanwhile, Jake plays Jenga with Gene at the fire station, and they talk about Vince and Sharon taking legal custody of her until Bode is released. Gene is nervous, especially since she doesn't know Bode well. Jake tries to reassure her.

Gabriela announces that she passed her exams and is now the paramedic for Station 42 as the Leones arrive to take Gene to the signing.

Things heat up at Three Rock as the protesters argue with the inmates through the fence. Manny tries to mediate but ends up in a heated debate with the main protester.

As he surrenders the battle, the man pursues him in argument, and Manny says he supports them because he is one of them.

Eve is in the middle of explaining how the program works for the prisoners who work as firefighters. Volunteering reduces their hours, and acts of heroism can reduce their sentences by up to 12 months.

Before the reporter can ask her anything else, Eve gets a call on the radio about the disturbance. She checks things out, and Luke tries to get the reporter to stop recording for five minutes. She doesn't listen and follows the firefighters to the scene.

More arguing continues as Eve tries to get things under control with her crew while Luke tries to get the reporter to stop filming. The reporter refuses to cut the feed.

Eve orders a 15-minute water break for the inmates to let things cool off. Jake stops by to talk to Bode about Gene's feelings. Bode asks Jake to be there for Genevieve during the signing.

Eve tells Jake he has to leave and pulls Bode to the side to reprimand him for breaking the rules she told him about earlier.

Bode turns the tables by saying that the new rules are because Eve doesn't support the inmate firefighters. They haven't been able to attend a fire call in weeks, impacting their ability for early release. Then, he compares the situation to living in a labor camp.

Luke walks up with the reporter and cameraman while Eve and Bode argue. He tries to get them some privacy, but the camera continues to record the scene.

Manny is still arguing with the protesters, and one man continues razzing him as he tries to walk away. A truck narrowly misses hitting them as they fight in the middle of the road. Manny jerks the protestor out of the way just in time.

The truck hits two people -- a civilian and a guard -- before plowing through the fence and knocking down some power lines.

Eve and Bode jump into action while the cameraman records the heroic scene. Bode evaluates the scene and shouts orders to some of the inmates. He goes to an injured civilian on the ground with an arm wound.

Manny helps the injured guard while the protester watches. Luke diverts the cameraman as he tries to film the inmates working on the wounded people.

Back at Leone's home, Vince and Sharon are getting ready to sign the papers. They have to explain to the lawyer that Bode isn't there, even though he was supposed to be, since he's the one who will be getting Gene's guardianship when he gets released.

Jake arrives, and Gene acts out. Before they can handle her outburst, Station 42 gets called to assist at the camp. Sharon stays behind with Gene while Jake and Vince respond. The signing of the papers gets postponed.

When Station 42 arrives on the scene, Gabriela takes command. She evaluates the patients and makes the call to focus on the unconscious patient in the truck.

A guard tries to get Bode to move behind the fence line, but Gabriela tells him that Bode can't move until the ambulance arrives or the patient dies.

On the way to the scene, Jake and Vince have a tense conversation. Jake tries to tell Vince they are forcing things to move too fast and aren't considering Gene's feelings.

Vince has to remind Gabriela that she's in charge when she reports the scene but doesn't know how many ambulances she'll need.

At home, Sharon tries to talk to Gene through the door. She demands proof of life and has deja vu at how familiar it is to speak to an angry teenager through a door.

When Vince gets to the camp, he takes command and orders Jake to check on the powerlines. Then, he instructs Manny to help Gabriela.

Bode follows Jake to find out how the signing went. Jake tells him they didn't get to sign anything because of the call. But they need to take time and think things through before trying again.

Jake reports back to Vince, and Manny leaves Gabriela alone in the truck with the unresponsive patient.

Vince questions the fence, and Luke spews his nonsense about it being good for the community. He tries to get Eve to second his decision, but she doesn't.

To add tension, the transformer blows, causing a loose power line to electrify the ground. Gabriela gets stuck in the truck -- a safety zone -- while Vince tells everyone else to stay back.

Manny repeatedly tries to get the power company to disconnect the power, but it takes a while. While Manny is on the phone, the protester he saved thanks him.

Vince uses his fire training to map out the electrical pattern on the ground, and the protester asks Manny for an explanation.

A corrections officer tries to take control and orders the inmates to return to the camp for headcount and to get locked up. The cameras record Eve pulling rank and setting the guard straight.

Once again, at the Leone home, Sharon continues to try talking with Gene. She finally gets the preteen to share her thoughts on the Leones being her custodial guardians.

Darkness has fallen at the camp, and things are dark without lights above them. Gabriela is still in the truck with the patient, who is awake and talking before he starts to crash.

Vince and Jake strategize on how to get the patient out when there's still live power surging through the ground. Although Vince wants to send in two people, Jake convinces him to use one person -- him.

He goes to the truck while Vince and Manny give him instructions he doesn't want or need. After getting them quiet, sparks fly from the transformer. 

Jake drops the tool he was going to use on the patient. Manny argues that he should go to assist. But Bode crosses the tape without permission to do it. He convinces Jake they can get the patient out without the dropped tool.

The protester asks why Bode would risk his life, and Manny gets to brag that he is a hero despite being a prisoner.

Jake and Bode carefully remove the patient from the truck without touching anything with an electrical current. They free him and walk him back to the safe zone. The inmate firefighters then take the stretcher and load the patient into the ambulance.

The power finally goes dead as the crowd of protesters cheers in respect for the heroism of the inmates. Manny rushes to Gabriela and helps her out of the truck.

As Eve and the inmates return to camp, the reporter and cameraman follow. Back at the scene, Jake and Vince have another confrontation.

Vince retrieves the tool Gabriela left against the truck as the power comes back on. The current travels through the axe and sends Vince flying backward.

Gabriela continues to work to revive Vince as the ambulance takes him to the hospital. He is still flatlining when the doctors get in to take over and bring him into the building.

Jake arrives at Leone's home to fill Sharon in on Vince's accident. He hears Gene talking about him and Cara and their future. Sharon knows something is wrong as Jake hugs her.

At the station, Gabriela blames herself for Vince's accident. She thinks her first day as a paramedic will be tarnished by what happened to Vince.

Luke reassures her of Vince's prognosis before he tries to apologize to Manny. Manny doesn't accept.

Vince lies unconscious in a hospital bed while Sharon pleads for him to come back to her and be okay. He responds with the perfect sarcastic rebuttal that gives hope that he'll recover fully.

Gene continues to be truthful about her feelings and opens up to Jake. She tells him she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by saying what she wants. Jake tells her that her feelings are the only ones that matter and then tells her of his feelings.

He breaks down while talking about Cara's death and his proposal. He tells Gene that he wasn't just planning to marry Cara but also wanted to be her father.

An update on Vince goes out to everyone. Jake returns to the prison camp to let Bode know and to talk about his conversation with Gene.

He thanked Bode for helping, and Bode asked about the guardianship signing. Jake is truthful about it not being a good idea.

Bode thinks it's because of him. But Jake bombshells him by saying he's the right person to take Gene because he knows her. And knows her he did.

Jake finally realized he wanted to be her dad and let Bode be her uncle. He also psychoanalyzed Bode and told him he was always living for someone else. It was time he learned to live for himself.

The news report portrayed Three Rock as heroes and praised the men for their actions. It earned them their privileges back. But it wasn't enough to save the camp. Luke gives Eve the letter of closure.

Vince lies in the hospital, still recovering. Manny visits with a gift and a bedside confession. He thinks everything was his fault for fighting with the protesters.

Manny reassured him that it was bad luck. Not his fault. After he leaves, Vince holds up his shaking hand. Gabriela walks in and sees the tremor. Vince tells her not to tell on him.

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Fire Country Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Manny: I'm living proof the program works.
Luke: I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation, okay? It's not just Three Rock that's under threat. It's the whole fire camp system. And you and I both want the same thing. We want Three Rock to stay open. Remain strong.
Manny: Hell, it's not even Three Rock anymore. You've taken away all their basic privileges, bro. You put up a fence. These guys feel like prisoners all over again.

The inmate firefighters at Three Rock Conservation Camp are learning skills that will help them in the workforce. But more importantly, they gain a sense of community inclusion and service.