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In Alert the Sheriff, we get the first glimpse of a new player in town -- Deputy Sheriff Mickey. Going into the episode, we knew she was somehow connected to the Leone family.

It didn't take long to learn that the new sheriff deputy is Sharon's sister, who started Bode's criminal career with his first arrest.

As the Three Rock inmate crew finishes with a fire alongside Station 42, they see two helicopters fly overhead. One is a money launderer. Mickey pursues in the second helicopter, showing off her deputy skills.

The criminal dumps a large bag of money out of his helicopter door, and it falls towards the inmates. Everyone starts collecting the money, including a new inmate, Rudy.

Rudy is a former drug dealer who is now coming to terms with the fact that he has terminal Stage 4 cancer. A few scenes later, he escapes and causes a massive manhunt.

Mickey Fox gets called in to help with the search. It starts with interrogating Bode, who was the last person to see Rudy the night before he escaped.

Fox learns she's missed a lot during her alienation and extends an olive branch to Bode to reconnect once the case ends.

While searching for the missing inmate, Sharon and Mickey continue to have disagreements and try to resolve old feelings.

Meanwhile, Vince is embracing the role of grandpa now that he and Sharon are Gen's custodial guardians after Cara's death a month before. Gen misses Jake, who is not doing well after losing his almost-fiance.

Vince shows his vulnerable side in the hopes of helping Jake accept his feelings so he can return to being Uncle Jake.

Searching in teams, Gabriela and Manny find Rudy hiding in the brush. He begs Manny to ignore seeing him. But Manny shows his growth from a former criminal by doing the right thing and calling it in.

Rudy runs away and hits the creek, making it to the other side alone. Mickey hears the call and tries to follow in her vehicle. During the drive, the sisters have a major heart-to-heart.

And then Mickey drops a bombshell. Her daughter isn't the perfect kid like Sharon thinks. She's not in college; she's in rehab.

Fox and Sharon find two squad cars and two deputies on the ground at an intersection. The sheriff is dead, and Deputy Andy has a flesh wound on his arm. He claims Rudy shot them.

The manhunt grows into a search for a cop killer, and the FBI comes in. Fox becomes determined to find Rudy, and Sharon becomes set on staying by her side.

Fox starts running towards the river bank, timing the trip. Sharon pursues and tries to get Mickey to stop running and talk about what happened. Fox doesn't until they reach the bank. They have another intense moment of confession.

Meanwhile, Bode finds himself in a compromising situation with his inmate friend, Cole, who has stolen drug money. Cole wants him to smuggle it, but Bode knows he can't.

Tensions in the town rise during a press conference when reporters tear Eve apart for the escaped inmate.

It causes neighbors to start an armed manhunt of their own. They tell Vince about their mission, but he refuses to participate. It scares Gen, but she gets better when Jake visits.

Sharon stops to visit Bode, who turns over the drug money. He hopes Mickey can add the money to the inventory without mentioning that it came from a Three Rock crew member after the fact. The camp goes on lockdown.

Vince informs Bode of the manhunt using an illegally obtained cell phone he uses to keep up with Gen. He confesses everything to Eve. Then he says he's worried the vigilantes will kill Rudy, but he may know where he is.

Sharon brings the stolen money to the station and turns it into Fox. Mickey makes a connection that she missed earlier.

Deputy Andy mentioned that $50K was thrown out of the helicopter, but he had no way of knowing that.

She starts mapping out the events that happened and realizes the dirty cop the Sheriff mentioned before the search started was Andy. He shot the Sheriff and then himself to pin it on the missing inmate.

Bode doesn't know Andy is dirty, so he tells him where Rudy is hiding. Andy takes Bode to the fishing cabin in the woods. After they get there, Andy starts messing with two guns. It dawns on Bode that Andy is a dirty cop and plans to kill Rudy to cover his tracks.

In the cabin, Andy holds the two prisoners at gunpoint. Bode makes the smart decision to use his illegal cell phone to call Sharon. He starts talking to lay out the facts so Sharon and Mickey know what's happening.

Bode knocks over a table, setting the cabin and deputy on fire. He gets control of the situation and saves the deputy's life.

Rudy runs again, but Bode chases and convinces him to return to the camp. Fox captures the dirty cop and resolves the case.

However, Three Rock is not in the clear. Because of the escape, the fire camp was now in danger of getting shut down.

At the Leone home, Gen gets lavished with attention from Gabriela, Jake, her grandparents, and Mickey. More things get resolved between the sisters. But it's not a perfect night, as the DNA results come in.

Bode isn't Gen's father. Mickey gets the opportunity to offer some sisterly advice and encouragement. We see the potential for mended fences and a happy family reunion.

In a moving final scene, Sharon and Vince visit Bode at camp despite it being on lockdown. Bode learns he's not Gen's real father, but Sharon helps him see that blood doesn't matter when it comes to family. Even the judge agrees.

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Fire Country Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Cole: Bode, how's Gen doing?
Bode: Gen's with my folks now. She's adjusting, but she's dealing with a lot of grief. Trying to hustle up a bunch of support for her. But you know, it's not easy being a dad when you're in prison.
Rudy: Amen to that.

Eve: Gabs, your dad said the daddiest dad joke of all time. I go good job putting out the fire. He said...
Manny: We fame to please.
Eve: He -- no. Boo.
Gabriela: Stop.
Manny: What do you think, Jake? Does that joke belong in the Hall of Flame?
Eve: Oh no.
Gabriela: No.
Manny: Come on.
Eve: Boo.
Manny: Come on. That was good.
Gabriela: Dad.
Manny: That was good.
Gabriela: No.
Jake: Yo, Eve. You and your crew are on mopup, okay?
Manny: Guess he doesn't like my jokes.
Eve: I'm a little worried about Jake. You know, it's been like a month since Cara passed. And he hasn't taken any time off.
Gabriela: That's how he's dealing with his grief.