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Jay was forced to defend a white supremacist even though both of their views differed. After some back and forth, he decided there was no way that changing the man's image would get him out of jail. 

He decided that the best thing to do was to humanize him in the eyes of the court and the man was set free. 

Meanwhile, Sandra took on a pro bono case because a slumlord was making a young woman's life hell. She helped win the case, and it made her want to take on more of the cases. 

But this conflicted with her job because those cases made no money in the courtroom. 

Kate and Seth teamed up to help a maid brought to the U.S. seventeen years ago and forced to be a maid to work off her debt. 

They won the case and it brought them closer together. 

Seth and Allison continued to be at odds, but it took them time to realize their relationship was over dor good. 

For The People
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For The People Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The public needs to see someone go to jail. That's the only way they will take us seriously. Let me do it.


Leonard: They will spare no expense to destroy you and they will salt the earth when they are done.
Seth: Is this a pep talk?