Allison: I'm getting destroyed in there.
Sandra: What's the most extraordinary thing you can do?

I stole but I had to stop the suffering around me.


Jill: He's being charged with piracy.
Allison: Piracy?
Jill: The sentence is life in prison.

Sandra: The cable guy came.
Allison: What?
Sandra: The swapped out the equipment, they upgraded us, we now have a download speed of one gigabit per second.

Client: Thanks for having me in.
Allison: I'm your lawyer.
Client: Still.

Allison: I really can't tell the difference. This guy is good...
Sandra: ... Looking!

Leonard: Would it work?
Kate: Would what work?
Kate: Us.

Allison: Come by my office so we can discuss some things.
Client: It's a date.
Allison: No, it's not. I'm your lawyer.
Client: I mean lunch.

There are only two sides here. The choice is yours.


Roger: It's a big case to make.
Seth: I've got to bring criminal charges against a CEO of a $22 billion dollar company.

Kate: Burying this makes it look like we're hiding something.
Roger: We are.

I'm giving you this case because I think you can connect with her.


For The People Quotes

Some of you won't succeed. Some of you are not worthy.


Kate: You're not allowed to eat in here. There's a sign out front.
Jay: I didn't see it.
Kate: Ignorance is no excuse.
Jay: You're a prosecutor, aren't you?