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-Danny, a school frenemy of Jared's, asks Franklin & Bash to defend him against DUI charges.

-Danny drank two beers before being videoed driving a golf cart. He was given a breathalyzer a half hour later. By drinking beers in court and taking the breathalyzer 30 minutes later, Franklin shows that he was not necessarily drunk when he was driving but metabolized the alcohol later which registered on the test.

-Jared admits he hates Danny because he slept with his girlfriend years ago.  After they win, Danny says he didn't sleep with Jared's girlfriend, but Peter's.

-Mia Paxton is represented by Jared, Hanna, and Damian in her divorce against Rick Paxton. Rick admits to cheating when pictures surface of him kissing another woman.

-Franklin figures out that Rick didn't cheat but wanted the world to think so because he's impotent. Jared convinces him to confess the truth to his wife and they reconcile.

-Infeld hears the rumors about sexual relations between his lawyers. He encourages the practice as he feels it breeds competition.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Franklin: Are you going to be able to pay us?
Danny: I was kind of hoping you had a pro-bono policy. Bro-bono.

Like I said I didn't tell anybody. Pindar's not anybody.