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-Jared is sentenced to community service for contempt of court as a small claims judge. When a legendary rock and roll hang out known as Mazzani's can't pay its rent, he has no choice but to evict them.

-Jared and Peter try to help Mazzani's keep their location but Mr. Cole is determined to evict them and build a mall.  He is being represented by Jared's father.

-The boys realize that Cole is targeting Mazzani because he stole his girl decades ago.  When Mazzani takes the stand his song seems to sway the jury and Cole drops the case.

-Pindar's therapist, Dr. Lee turns out to be a fraud and a conman.  Infeld decides to defend the man in court and makes Pindar testify.  On the stand Pindar tells Dr. Lee off but realizes that he has made progress. 

-Megan kisses Pindar. He smiles but then worries that the strawberries she ate just before they kissed might be able to spread e coli.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

No, we do not have clients in County jail who can take out Dr. Lee.


Hey, Pindi. I returned your iCarly box set. I put it right on your unitard, buddy.