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Raimi cannot believe she's looking at the bones of her mother on a slab in the morgue.

Only Raimi remembers things as it was and as it is. Raimi needs Frank to tell Julie that she's going to die, he needs to warn her when and where so her mom can survive.

When Frank is released, there is a heroic party for him across the hall from his hospital room.

Frank is ready to get right back to work, preferably on the task force, but Satch wants him to take a week since he's been undercover for two weeks.

Frank's welcome home, however, consists of a stay on the couch. His marriage isn't in one piece. How will Julie believe him if he tells her what he knows?

The Nightingale Killer strikes. He seems to have poisoned a girl while she was in the bar and when she went out for air, he conked her on the head and dragged her into a truck.

Frank has to work with Stan every day and pretend it's all great when he knows he sold him out.

Raimi has no sense of life left in her.

The higher ups tells Frank to keep his mouth shut about the sting. Nobody knows about it, there are no records. He has his pick of whatever case he wants to work on. They restart the interview, fresh tape recording.

Raimi remembers meeting her fiance, and is more determined than ever to make sure her mother lives to see another day.

Raimi finds a guy, Goff, who had a "youthful indiscretion" with a nurse in the same swamp where her mom was found. After tracking down the guy and the woman who survived, Raimi is sure he's the killer.

The way Thomas Goff and his mother played out while the girl escaped and Raimi walked up to the house was great.

Stan antagonized Frank at the office and Little J was killed while Frank held him over.

At home, Frank tried to get Julie to understand what was going on, but she wasn't hearing it. She's still angry that he left and didn't share the reasons he went undercover with her. He takes her to the garage and tries to get Raimi on the radio. Instead Julie thinks Frank is flat out of his mind.

Raimi hears her mom but won't speak to her. They don't know each other very well. He knows that, but he's going to do whatever he can to save her mother. He needs her to know that.

Raimi realized the shack where Goff worked wasn't in the yard. That, too was changed. She went over and found a shack underground.

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Coroner: These are the only personal effects found with your mother's body.
Raimi: She's not dead yet.

Can you believe this Frank? The Yanks take the series, and you're the hero.