Big Changes - Fresh Off the Boat
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The family is all growing up and finding their new way in life. Louis finally kick-started his new consulting business, although not with a few bumps along the way.

He pushed himself onto becoming Honey's business partner in her fast-growing mommy blog and helped her successfully obtain unwanted brand deals and publicity. Success being subjective in this instance because Honey didn't want it to become anything but a hobby. 

Meanwhile, Jessica came to terms with the harsh realities of being the mother of three growing boys. The reality she never knew was possible, she would be pushed aside from the focus of her children. 

With the new installment of the neighborhood Italian neutral zone, the boys took an interest in spending time playing bocce ball, sipping Italian coffee, and devouring Italian ice. 

Much to Jessica's dismay, they wanted nothing to do with her silly ideas of sitting inside and spinning her idea of a wheel of fun. 

Honey fired Louis after he attempted to make her a sellout and that's when he understood that consulting is all about the client. 

The boys reconnected with Jessica and told her they missed spending time with her as well. She regained their loyalty and love once again.

Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

At the end of the day children are like silverware. You don't have to clean them that well, just get the food off.


Honey: I lost a Ricola in my hair a week ago.
Louis: I saw it fall out yesterday.