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We open on the Panthers' second game of the season. On the first play, though, Saracen rolls out and completes a long pass.... but the ball is stripped and the opposing team recovers.

Meanwhile, Jason Street watches the game on TV from his hospital bed. It doesn't end well: on the final snap, Saracen rolls out again, but is stopped just short of the end zone. Dillon loses. And to a team that it had beaten for 17 consecutive seasons.

The next morning, Riggins is drinking beer. His brother, Billy, makes it clear that Dillon should have won the game, but the lashing is interrupted by Lyla stopping by to try and convince Tim to visit Jason in the hospital. No luck, though.

The perky cheerleader continues to see Jason herself, certainly, attempting to deliver charm and a positive attitude. After too much of it, however, Jason snaps and tells her this is a fantasy world. She has to realize he'll never walk again.

Elsewhere: Coach Taylor and his daughter Julie run into a local at a restaurant. He asks Julie if her family has started packing because you don't lose in Dillon. As Eric seethes over that remark, Tyra breaks up with Tim. He doesn't seem fazed by it.

We then learn that Lyla's father, Buddy, is in charge of the Dillon boosters. He's always giving Coach Taylor suggestions on how to run the team, this time focusing on a Hurricane Katrina victim who was a star QB in Louisiana. Perhaps he could be brought in to Dillon, Buddy pointedly says.

When the coach meets the young boy - known as "Voodoo" - he makes it clear that all spots on the Panthers must be earned.

The next day, a school Rally Girl meets up with Tim and gives him all his homework complete, with a few miss spellings, to make it look like Tim's work. At practice, meanwhile, Riggins walks off the field and Smash talks negatively about the coach on the local news. It's a rough day.

This triggers something in Coach Taylor. He gathers the team in the middle of the night and buses them to a muddy creek and hill. From there, it's one wind spring after another. The attempt to change the attitude on the Panthers seems to work, but Eric still makes Tim walk home. No one walks out on practice dammit.

As Riggins is walking back in the rain, he runs into Lyla (who just left a despondent Jason). She's angry at Tim for not helping her take care of Jason... and she's realizing that her life will never be the same. But this anger turns into sad desperation and, soon, enough, LYLA AND TIM ARE MAKING OUT.

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Lyla, I can't... I can't stop thinking about you...


... Because every night when I go to sleep, I dream that I can walk again. And every morning, I wake up, and I have to accept it all over again. And then you walk in here, all smiles, acting like nothing’s wrong. And it’s killing me!

Jason Street