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Olivia is having definitive flashbacks of her former life with Peter.

She is also continuing to have migraines.

The case of the week consists of a teen and many half siblings, through sperm donation, who are working collectively to murder. The doctor there was doing genetic manipulation, altering their DNA to make a better human being. Using hubris, the doctor donated his own sperm to his experiment.

Olivia visits Peter's house and remembers everything. She tells him everything she remembers, but he is still suspect.

Walter connects what is happening to Olivia to Nina Sharp.

Olivia has been dosed with Cortexiphan.

Nina shows there are twenty vials present and accounted for, but Walter drinks it and they are food coloring.

Olivia and Peter kiss, and try to decide where to go now that he knows he can see his Olivia in her eyes.

Olivia is kidnapped and held captive with Nina.


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Fringe Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Lincoln: There really aren't any normal days on this job, are there?
Olivia: Nope.

Peter: Just be straight with me. Are you okay?
Olivia: Yeah, I'm fine.
Peter: Then why did you kiss me?
Olivia: I don't know. It just felt like that's what we do. It just felt normal.