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Olivia has vivid dreams about making love to Peter.

Peter and Walter have successfully recreated the part of the machine that responds to Peter's thoughts.

Olivia notices that Walter's demeanor has completely changed as of late.

The town of Westfield won't let Olivia, Peter and Walter leave.

Everyone in Westfield begins having memories of lives that aren't really theirs, but seem eerily similar.

Olivia asks Peter what the other Olivia is like.

The storm wipes out everything.

Neither Walter nor Olivia seem to want to help Peter get home.

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Oh, I'm not allowed to drive. I haven't renewed my license since I got out of the mental institution.


Olivia: I love you. Do you love me?
Peter: I do.
Olivia: Then tell me. I want to hear you say it.
Peter: I love you.