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- The search is on for Olivia in 2036.

- Olivia's ambered body is sold on the black market to Ed Markham, who is now crazy and using her as a coffee table.

- Olivia is freed and meets her grown daughter for the first time.

- Walter is captured by The Observers and they try to discover what he knows.

- Agent Foster and William Bell are found in amber and taken to undisclosed locations.

- Olivia knows September helped Walter find a way to overtake The Observers.

- After The Observer is done with Walter, his brain is back to a mushy state.

- Etta is certain there is no hope for recovering the plan September implanted in Walter's brain via partitions, but Walter's love unending hope and love of family and music seem to prove otherwise.

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Peter: Olivia, I want you to meet Etta. Kiddo, come meet your mom.
Etta: Hi mama!

Etta: It's an egg stick.
Walter: What a miserable future.