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Olivia has a dangerous mission to accomplish before the final battle.

To save the boy, Olivia wants to use the alterverse to get inside the building where he is being held.

As Windmark attempts to communicate with the boy, he bleeds.

Donald progresses making the necessary materials to send Michael to the future to carry out the plan.

Olivia is reunited with Fauxlivia and Lincoln.

Olivia successfully saves the boy before he is transected.

Donald goes to December for help to get the part he needs for the plan.

Windmark confronts Broyles about the Dove.

Peter finds a tape from Walter.

Walter explains the plan and his sacrifice in detail.

Astrid finds and shows Walter Gene. They don't free her because of her loud moo.

Broyles fights valiantly to protect his thoughts from Windmark.

Donald tells Walter taking Michael to the future isn't his sacrifice to make. It's his, as his father.

As the team opens the wormhole and fights to set things right, Donald is killed in the melee.

Walter takes Michael's hand and walks into the future.

Olivia, Peter and Etta are in the field. Time has been reset.

Peter finds in the mail the white tulip.

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Fringe Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Walter: The sacrifice is hard son, but you're no stranger to it.
Peter: Neither are you, dad. You sacrificed a lot.

Peter: It was on Liberty Island. We closed that bridge 24 years ago. For all we know, the Observers could have invaded as well. We have no way of knowing what happened.
Astrid: Not necessarily. The universe window. Why don't we just have a look?
Walter: Of course. That's brilliant Ashcat! Ha. Peter. Help us with the window.