Diner Living - From Season 1 Episode 4
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A young boy comes out of the cellar in town to dead bodies everywhere. 

Boyd cleans out the box the morning after Frank's death, and later, he takes what remains of Frank's body to the church.

Tabitha and Jim wonder if they're being punished. Later, Jim and Ethan go to the diner. While Jim breaks down in the bathroom, Victor sits with Ethan and tells him that the trees have moved 4 inches closer. He shows him the picture he drew of the boy in the woods, but when Jim finds them together, he threatens Victor in front of everyone. 

Kenny meets Jade at the cellar and shows him what he thought he saw the day before. 

Julie admits to Fatima that she thinks she may have made a mistake. Tabitha stops by and tries to get Julie to come back.

Kenny shows Jade the map of where all the people trapped in the town have come from. 

Jim and Tabitha argue outside the house while Ethan sneaks off with Victor into the woods to find the boy in white. 

Boyd rebuilds the box, and Father Khatri stops by and tells him he can't keep punishing himself. 

While Victor and Ethan are in the woods, Victor tells him that he saw the boy in white before two cars came to the town at once. They see the boy in the woods, and they drop rocks down a tree with a smiley face on it, and the rocks come back. But Victor panics when he hears a dog barking. 

Dogs in the woods surround Jim and Tabitha, but Victor scares them off with gunshots. 

A flashback of a young Victor shows him the town, surrounded by dead bodies when he sees the boy in white and the barking dog. In the present day, Victor has drawings of everything. 

Jim asks Boyd to talk to Victor and Donna about Victor's interactions with Ethan. 

Fatima makes a place for Julie in her and Ellis's bedroom. 

Boyd goes to the diner for dinner with the Matthews.

Sara gets a marking on her arm that says, kill the boy, at the diner and then has a seizure. 

Victor starts digging graves, saying that he's getting a headstart this time. 

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FROM Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

There has got to be an explanation. And none of you fucking people seem to be looking for it.

Jade [to Kenny]

Tabitha: Do you think we're being punished?
Jim: Why would you say that?
Tabitha: Jim, I'm drinking tea out of a dead woman's mug in a place that can't possibly exist. A house where another child died. Julie's off doing god knows what. What are we gonna do?
Jim: I don't know.