Hanging Out - From Season 1 Episode 5
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Kristi checks on Sara at the clinic after her seizure. She insists she's fine and asks that Nathan not see her. That night, she and Kristi talk, and she questions whether Kristi would do something terrible if it meant they all got to go home.

Jim, Tabitha, and Ethan start asking questions about their situation and writing it on the walls of their home.

The next day, Nathan approaches Sara, but she says she is okay. She heads to the Matthew's house with a scalpel she stole from the clinic.

Fatima and Ellis take Julie to a hidden lake to show her the fun parts of the town.

Jade wonders around town with the radio and winds up at the bar where he talks about trying to figure out where they are, as that's the first step in finding their way home.

Nathan searches for Father Khatri while Boyd speaks to his wife's grave.

Boyd asks for a sign, discusses the emergence of his hand tremor, and tells her he has an idea that could get everyone home. He also explains that if his idea fails, it will leave everyone worse off.

Nathan finds Father Khatri and presumably confesses to him what Sara told him.

Sara plays with Ethan outside his home, and then she, Ethan, and Tabitha go to the barn to visit the animals. Sara tells Tabitha there are hiding places all over the town and takes her into the barn to show her one. Once inside the barn, Sara locks Tabitha inside a hiding place and approaches Ethan with her scalpel.

Nathan comes to distract her, and Ethan manages to escape. A struggle ensues between Sara and Nathan, and Sara inadvertently slashes his throat, killing him.

Ethan runs off and finds Julie, while Jim frees Tabitha from the barn, but Sara runs off into the woods.

Tabitha writes another question on the wall; did we survive the crash?

At the diner, Boyd assures Kristi that nothing that happened with Sara is her fault. And as they talk, the jukebox on the table comes on, giving Boyd his sign.


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FROM Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tabitha: Tell me you figured it out.
Jim: Ah, I did. And the answer is 12.

Boyd: Is there anything else going on that we should know about? Anything that might help Kristi figure out what's wrong?
Nathan: No, I'm just worried. That's all. She's my little sister.