Surrounded By The Children - FROM Season 2 Episode 5
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At night, Randall can't sleep due to the monsters knocking on the bus door. He confronts them but then gets angry when they walk away.

Jade sees a vision of the man in the photograph holding up a book with the symbol in it bleeding.

Boys is woken up at the church by Jim and Tabitha, who've come to see Sara after Kenny told them about her return. Boyd tells them Sara is staying out of the box, and Tabitha threatens Sara before they leave.

Later, Ethan asks his parents to see Sara.

Kristie and Marielle eat together in bed, and Kristi worries about whether or not she's the same person.

Sara goes to her old house, looking for a ceramic ornament that was her brother's, but the new people living there chase her off.

Victor comes to see Jade at the bar and offers to tell him whatever he knows if Jade will play the violin for him. Jade agrees, and the two head into the woods.

Tabitha and Jim decide to let Ethan talk to Sara. Ethan then finds Sara near their old house and tells her she's a monster he's not afraid of.

Boyd goes to Colony House and tells Donna about Sara. Donna tells him she thinks this has betrayed the one thing people have left: faith in Boyd. She also tells him that everything for Boyd is about Abby and Boyd's failing her.

In the woods, Victor takes Jade to an area where he puts all the old vehicles. He then sits on his mother's car and asks Jade to play 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' on the violin.

Elgin goes to the church and finds Sara there. The two talk and Sara explains the importance of the ornament before telling him that she killed her brother, prompting him to leave.

Sara goes to the diner, and Tian Chen confronts her about her actions before giving her the box of her belongings and telling her never to return.

Outside the diner, Kenny rips the box out of Sara's arms and dumps the belongings. He then smashes the ornament before telling Sara to stay away from his mother.

Marielle gives Kristi a haircut, and afterward, Tilly comes by to see Kristi. She gives her the morphine she'd had on her and tells them about Sara being back, which prompts Kristi to run off before Marielle gets to her.

Victor tells Jade the man in the photograph's name was Christopher, and he was liked at first, but then everyone died, he started seeing the symbol, and he changed.

Tabitha takes the building blocks out near the cave she and Victor escaped through, and multiple children come out of the woods toward her. They appear to start touching her, and she screams, but when Jade finds her, the kids aren't there.

Jim tells Boyd about the voice on the radio and tells them they must start working together.

Boyd goes to see Tian Chen at the diner while dealing with the pain in his arm from the worms, Marielle steals morphine, and Randall pulls seats from the bus onto the roof to make a little workshop.

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FROM Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tabitha: I want to talk to you. You need to listen very fucking carefully. If you ever come near my family again, I swear to God, I will fucking kill you. Say you understand. Say you understand!
Sara: I do.
Boyd: Listen, you have my word-
Tabitha: I don't give a shit about your word!

Sara: Boyd, I shouldn't be here. I'm not strong enough for this.
Boyd: That part I can't help you with, so you better figure it out.