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Amy goes to present her thesis idea about using the Earth's rotation to generate energy and a Professor with his cat instantly rejects the idea.  Later, we find out he was actually controlled by a cat and those cats steal the idea and enslave the Futurama crew to build a device to harness the Earth's energy.  With the rest of the crew under the cats' control, Amy and Nibbler team up to stop them.

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Futurama Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Amy: I'm presenting my thesis tomorrow and I've barely had time to prepare.
Professor: Nonsense. You've been my grad student for 12 years, you were ready 6 years ago.
Amy: What!?
Professor: I probably should have told you.

Amy [about Nibbler's poo]: Could you dump that somewhere else?
Leela: Not really, it's highly volatile dark matter... and some corn.