Futurama Review: "That Darn Katz!"

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This week's episode of Futurama was clearly written by a cat lover.  I mean, come on, cats taking over the Earth and controlling people with their cuteness?  What cuteness?  I buy the whole evil aspect of cats trying to take over the world bit, but cute?  Maybe kittens, but full grown cats?  Yuck.

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Anyways, now that I got my feline rant over with, "That Darn Katz!" was actually a pretty impressive and intelligent episode, despite relying on the cliched notion of a domesticated animal plotting to take over Earth.  Things that got the Futurama touch and made this episode clever?

  • Referencing cat-worshiping in Egypt and using the Pyramids as transmitters
  • Just the whole notion of using Earth's rotation as a perpetual motion machine.  No clue if it'd work, but it sounded clever!
  • The LOLCats and Meow Mix references.

Overall, it was a creative storyline with a great ratio of hits to misses in the laughs department. 

We continue to love the references to old characters like Nibbler speaking again and Farnsworth's nemesis, Dr. Wernstrom, returning.  Hell, the episode even made Amy's twelve year internship the focus of the episode. 

Our only complaint in the continuity department was that they continue to go back-and-forth on the Fry-Leela issue.  Are they together or not?  Just make up your minds people.  Our score and the best of the episode's Futurama quotes after the jump.

Bender: We're not building something sinister if that's what you're implying. Now come on, something sinister won't build itself! | permalink
Nibbler: He isn't dead! He's one of those dog-operated puppets that's been adapted for use by a cat! | permalink
Amy: You called my thesis a fat sack of barf, and then you stole it?
Cat: Welcome to academia. | permalink
Professor: Amy, technology isn't intrinsically good or evil. It's how it's used. Like the Death Ray. | permalink
Cat: On the whole, Earth society is useless, but they do have these things called antique rugs that are great for peeing on. | permalink

That Darn Katz! Review

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Futurama Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Amy: I'm presenting my thesis tomorrow and I've barely had time to prepare.
Professor: Nonsense. You've been my grad student for 12 years, you were ready 6 years ago.
Amy: What!?
Professor: I probably should have told you.

Amy [about Nibbler's poo]: Could you dump that somewhere else?
Leela: Not really, it's highly volatile dark matter... and some corn.