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Fry wants to break off a piece of an indestructible diamond comet as an engagement ring for Leela (all in black and white Disney-esque animation). While he’s successful at blowing up the comet with the Professor’s doomsday bomb he ends up encasing himself and Leela in diamond dust.

The 8-bit video game segment of the episode has the Professor solving the entire mystery of the universe by zooming into a log he found at the bottom of the ocean until he got to a pixel.

In a spoof on anime, the team deals with aliens who communicate in dance. After playing DDR, Fry and Bender only anger them more, causing more destruction. It’s up Zoidberg to break his shell and send them home with a dance of peace.

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Futurama Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

You and I are enemies now!


Zoidberg, stop! We're too scared right now to enjoy the ceremony of your death.