Futurama Season Finale Review: "Reincarnation"

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"Reincarnation" brought Futurama’s season to a close in a wonderfully hilarious and original way.

I wasn’t sure how well “Colorama” would recreate an old-time Steamboat Willie/Disney-esque cartoon, but it was pulled off beautifully and with plenty of Futurama charm. It was like watching a time capsule - the black and white was gorgeous - all while mocking the limitations and quirks of the medium, such as the never-ending bobbing of the characters and an attempt to display a rainbow in black and white.

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Also, thanks to Amy, I’m going to attempt to work “you’re booping my Betty” into everyday conversation.

The 8-bit video game “episode” was a close second in terms of my favorite "Reincarnations," but the only thing that wasn’t believable was the fact that the “game” was just the professor zooming in on a log. Because this was a video game, there should have been some more action.

Thankfully, Bender was there to go through some of my favorite 8 bit clichés. For instance: exiting one side of the stage and reappearing on the opposite side.

My favorite, though, was the anime episode. It made fun of everything that was sometimes bad about dubbed anime. From the random laughing, awkward sentences and pauses, to the same building being blown up for multiple locations and events, it was all there. But the icing on the cake had to be when Fry and Bender played DDR in their attempt to communicate with the aliens.

Plus, Amy looked like a knockoff of Sailor Moon.

Overall, “Reincarnation” ended everything on a high note. I hope someday Futurama will actually give all of the great premises their own full-length episodes.

Reincarnation Review

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