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Planet Express needs new uniforms, thanks to a run-in with Mothzilla. Upon visiting the uniform shop, Bender finds a fancy fox-hunting outfit that he decides to start wearing, and goes on a fox hunt with similarly-dressed fellows. Leela, noted conservationist, is dismayed. However, when Bender discovers that the fox they're hunting is robotic, his sudden bloodlust turns into a mission to protect the robot animals from his former classy allies. With Fry and Leela, he switches out the fox for himself.

The hunters are all but willing to hunt Bender instead of the fox, leading him to run for his life. The fox, under the care of Planet Express, runs amok. This leads to Leela, who formerly wanted to protect it, to try and kill it. It escapes back to the hunting grounds, where it helps Bender to try and take out the Huntmaster who is after them. Eventually, it's discovered that he too is a robot, and he gets killed by the rampaging fox. Leela winds up being fine with a robot fox killing a robot disguised as a human, after all the other moral whiplash she experienced.

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Futurama Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Amy: Finally, a uniform I'd be happy to be caught dead in!
Zoidberg: And boy does it wick away moisture! Gallons and gallons of it!

Bender: Yo, Squidward Scissorhands. You got this in an adult robot medium?
Tailor: The fox-hunting uniform? You, sir, must be a robot of noble bearings.
Bender: Well, I am descended from Prince Albert's can.