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In a parody of nature documentaries, this episode is an anthology of three different segments, featuring the cast as different kinds of animals. 

In "The Salmon", Fry and Leela are salmon interested in mating with each other, but they can't because they're from different streams. Fry tries to find a way to get to her stream before Zapp Brannigan is able to mate with her. 

"The Pinta Island Tortoise" has the Professor as an endangered tutrle in the Galapagos Islands, who wants to seek out the last of his subspecies to mate with. 

"The Elephant Seal" makes Bender the biggest and most powerful of the elephant seal, who mates with all the female elephant seal. However, Kif, one of the weaker elephant seals, challenges Bender to a fight in order to try and mate with Amy. He loses – badly – but it allows the other weaker elephants to sneakily find mates of their own.

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Futurama Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Morbo: This just in: 3 dead in foamy plunge.

Narrator: The new hatchlings are known as fry.
Amy: What's your name?
Fry: I don't have a name, I'm a salmon!