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Things turn sour for Morris and Munda, Leela's parents, at their 40th anniversary party. Frustration flares up over the lives they put on hold when they got married flare up at their 40th anniversary party. This causes them to quickly get divorced, with Morris pursuing a life as a surfer brah, and Munda as a specialist in alien languages. She winds up working for Zapp Brannigan as a translator, and they begin dating. Leela is suspicious of Zapp's motives as she thinks it's a way for him to eventually get back together with her. However, while she tries to seduce Zapp to show Munda her mistake, she sees him professes his love for Munda, and she realizes they're for real. \

However, as the two prepare to get married, Munda realizes Zapp's true character when he wants to get her to trick aliens into signing a peace treaty that would allow Zapp to annihilate them. Morris realizes the error of his ways after pursuing a sewer surfer lifestyle, and the two quickly reconcile and get remarried.

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Futurama Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

But let me just say, my beautiful wife Munda has been by side. Even that year my side mutated into some kind of venomous radish!


Leela: Hey guys, welcome to my parents' 40th anniversary party!
Bender: I'm bored. Let's drink!