Futurama Review: The Battle of Paco's Tacos

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Leela's parents have been important as plot devices, but they haven't had the chance to lead a story on Futurama.

While last week's episode used secondary characters to advance the plot and it was far from the best half-hour of the sitcom, this week's "Zapp Dingbat" was a great affair, even with the main cast largely sidelined.

Zapp Brannigan on Futurama

What really made this week's episode so enjoyable was the dialogue: I was constantly laughing throughout. Finding good quotes for an episode is usually easy with this show, but having to pare down a whole list of Futurama quotes is a good dilemma to have!

Zapp's ridiculousness is always enjoyable. Morris getting to be a free spirit, riding the grimy waves of filth with Fry and Bender often around for the ride, was an unexpected but comical sight. There were even some touching moments, with Fry reassuring Leela, and even Bender letting out an "aww" thanks to Morris saying how much he missed Munda.  

Sure, Munda and Morris getting back together seemed like the likely ending. It's not just because the show is about the status quo – even if they're willing to comment on it –  but the journey along the way is funny.

Plus, Zapp is definitely going to do something morally reprehensible along the way. I mean, I don't expect Futurama to take the kind of story-telling risks that Breaking Bad might do, but I did think to myself: "Munda and Morris will wind up remarried by the end of the episode." Once again, I show that I am the greatest genius of our times.

"Zapp Dingbat" at least relied on characters we knew something about, instead of unknown new ones created for a specific purpose in "The Thief of Baghead." However, it is something of a worrying trend for this season: I want to see more adventures where the characters we know and love are the focus.

Granted, it's the seventh production season, and some plots are sure to hit on similar notes as before. But while the occasional side venture is welcome – and hilarious like this one was – I miss getting to see Fry, Amy and the rest of the Planet Express crew being the focus. This season is barely half over (which itself is the first half of the longer production season), so there's plenty of opportunities for them to have plenty of wacky and occasionally emotionally-touching hijinks. I

'm just hoping they come sooner than later. Until then, I'll laugh at Morris, Munda and Zapp.

Zapp Dingbat Review

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But let me just say, my beautiful wife Munda has been by side. Even that year my side mutated into some kind of venomous radish!


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