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Galavant, Isabella, and Sid continue their journey. In the opening song, it seems that feelings are developing between Galavant and Isabella.

They are getting closer to Valencia, but they are attacked by bandits.

Meanwhile, King Richard talks with Gareth about the fact that Madelena is cheating on him. Gareth suggests that the king try to be funnier.

The bandits take Galavant, Isabella, and Sid to their ship. It turns out they are pirates, even though they are on dry land.

Even worse, they find the jewel, which Isabella didn't do a great job of hiding.

In an effort to win Madelena's love, King Richard gets comedy lessons from the jester. He fails miserably at his attempts at humor while the jester sings, "Comedy Gold."

Galavant defends Isabella's annoying habits to the pirate, including the fact that she eats with her mouth open.

King Richard tries his attempts at comedy with Madelena, but fails miserably until he throws a pie in Gareth's face.

While Galavant and the Pirate King (Hugh Bonneville) are away, Sid and Isabella work together to defeat the rest of the pirates.

Galavant proposes a way for everyone to work together to get the ship off the land and get them to Valencia.

Back at the castle, the jester tells Madelena their relationship has to stop. Madalena sends him to the dungeon.

Gal tells Isabella to feel free to eat with her mouth open. She starts opening up to him and tells him she’s leading him into a trap. Unfortunately for Galavant, he isn't a good listener and doesn't pay attention to her. but he doesn’t hear her.

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Galavant Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Isabella: Bandits. If only someone had warned us.
Galavant: Yeah, well, you snore.

Good lord, Gareth! Do you kiss my ring with that mouth?

King Richard