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Sir Galavant has a bad dream in which he sees Madelena with King Richard, and everyone laughs at Galavant because he isn’t wearing pants.When he awakes, he is in the woods with Princess Isabella and his squire, Sid.

They break into a song about Sir Galavant being on a “hero’s journey” despite the fact that he is hungover. Galavant complains that it is a long song and that his tummy hurts.

On the journey, the group sees a sign for a jousting competition, and Galavant wants to take part.

Meanwhile, Madelena is disgusted by King Richard’s childish eating habits.

When Galavant arrives to the jousting tournament, he runs into an old rival. It is Jean Hamm, played by John Stamos.

Princess Isabella trains Galavant to get him back into shape. She also sabotages Jean Hamm by convincing him to drink Absinthe.

Sir Galavant is so exhausted from training that by the time he begins the jousting tournament, he is unable to move. However, thanks to Princess Isabella’s sabotage, Jean Hamm is equally unable to move. Galavant is able to stand up first, though, and wins the competition by default.

Back at the castle, King Richard and Madelena sing a song in which they each declare that the other person is maybe “not the worst thing ever.”

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Galavant Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Oh, my tummy hurts. That was a long song.


Princess Isabella: And so what if you're still hungover?
Sid: Right! So what if you smell like slop?
Princess Isabella: So what if you've got that pesky little muffin top?