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The new season opens with the handsome Galavant standing on the pirate ship with King Richard sprawled on the deck, complaining. King Richard begs Galavant to sing him a song as Galavant thinks up his plans his rescue of Isabella. Before Galavant can't start singing the Season 1 theme song, the pirates interrupt and threaten to kill Galavant if he continues because while the Season 1 song was catchy, it didn't win the Emmy so it's time to move on.

Galavant, King Richard and the pirates begin singing "A New Season" and the rest of the cast joins in from their various locations. Isabella is locked in tiny room, set to marry her 11 year old cousin against her will, Gareth and Queen Madalena are holding down the court in Valencia, the chef and his lady love, Gwyne are happy with their upgraded kitchen and Sid is giving away plot details.

King Richard and Galavant's ship crashes on an island and they wander into the Enchanted Forest, which isn't as scary as Galavant is led to believe, it is actually an all male gay club in the middle of the woods. Naive King Richard knows all about this place because his father and a man he called "Uncle Keith" used to frequent there. Upon arrival, Galavant catches on to the establishment's client base but Richard is clueless as a Queen of the queens, as she calls herself, sings orders for Galavant to remove his shirt. Galavant is held captive as the new bartender in Enchanted Forest until Richard's Uncle Keith helps them escape through the never used ladies room.

Back in Valencia, the Queen is as heartless as ever, refusing to give Gareth a title or respect and Sid is unsure of how he fits in to the new dynamic in the castle. Sid helps Gareth convince Madelena to name him King and she finally agrees. In Hortensia, Isabella tries to convince her parents and the Jester to help her escape with no luck so she turns to the chef. The chef agrees to drug the guards and Isabella is able to steal the key to her cell. 

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Galavant Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I do not feel good! Is there a name for when you throw up through your nose?

King Richard

Though as a feminist, I don't quite need him; Where is my Galavant?