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Galavant's half-dead army won't stop following him around. Sid thinks it's because Galavant was briefly dead. Galavant goes to check out the Valencia castle to see if they have left for the attack on Hortensia, followed by his zombie army. 

Isabella and Jester go to Madalena and Gareth's war camp to surrender. Madalena's terms are impossible and Isabella changes her mind. Madalena and Isabella argue and Isabella tells Madalena that she has the sword of the one true King, which she doesn't. 

Worried that Isabella has the sword on her side, Madalena starts to worry that they can't win. Wormwood offers his dark magic (d'dew) but Gareth says no. 

Robert and RIchard kiss and explore their relationship. Richard tells her that he loves her. When the group arrives at the castle in Valencia with their zombie army, it's empty. 

Madalena sneaks away and finds Wormwood. She signs the contract to give up her immortal soul and joins the people with the "d'dew" against Gareth's wishes. 

In Hortensia, Isabella has her people gather anything that could be used as a weapon but all they could find was kitchen items. She tries to get her troops excited anyway but she is the only one who seems to care. 

Galavant tries to get the zombies to follow his commands. He worries that he will fail and Isabella will never know that he loves her. He realizes that the zombie army responds to love and he is able to give them direction. 

SId leaves to find atonement. Roberta tells Richard that she can't stay and watch him die. Galavant, Gareth and the zombie march to Hortensia without Sid and Roberta. 

Madalena's eyes glow red as she and Gareth get ready to attack Hortensia. 


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Galavant Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Settle down tiny tot!


Richard: Seems like just yesterday I was the worst tyrant this land has ever seen. Life is weird.
Galavant: Yeah, cuckoo bananas. You stay here with Roberta.