Galavant Review: All Is Fair in Love and War...and Zombies

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Spoiler alert! Galavant is only sort of dead. He, of course, lives and comes back to life in Galavant Season 2 Episode 7, thanks to the healer's potion.

The song that the scattered, eccentric and cleverly named healer, Neo of Sporin, sings had more words than a Gilmore Girls' episode! 

Wormwood could easy just have been an evil schemer who wanted to cause trouble just to cause it, but he isn't.

He is a fabulous wedding planner who is full of amazing wedding ideas that no amount of battle scheming can get in the way of!  He sent a save the date for the war! I love that guy.  

An Important Decision - Galavant

Galavant's dead dream sequence was the highlight of this episode. The ghostly ladies dancing around the bouncy and happy Death was a nice spin. Who says Death has to be dark and brooding?

It was very smart to make it so that Galavant could actually see Isabella in his enlightened state. Now our hero knows that his lady thinks he does not love her. 

Please, you must save him. He's my bestie.


We are back to what Galavant does best. He literally kicks death in the nuts to get back to his true love. He is a hopeless romantic who is on a quest for his lady and now he has a zombie army to back him. The zombie army is just a great addition to the already fun story. 

Once upon a time, Madalena was ready to marry anyone for power and wealth, but now that she has actual feelings for Gareth, she is terrified. Who would have thought that these two would end up being such an adorable and likeable pair? 

Madalena: Ah! What are you doing?
Gareth: I wasn't proposing, I was doing me boots up!

It's so strange to think that Galavant and Isabella have only had one kiss in all of the series and they haven't actually been together this season. I am still so behind them as a couple. In the finale, I hope we will get that amazing reunion kiss between them. 

Richard FINALLY hooked up. Well done old chap! Bye, bye unicorn. 

Galavant: Sounds like you've found your manhood, Richard.
Richard: Bobby found it. A bunch of times, if you know what I'm saying, huh?

On Galavant Season 2 Episode 8, Richard and Roberta sing about their feelings in "Finally." It was a sweet nod to Grease's "Tell Me More" and I loved every second.

Now, this alone would have been good, but instead, they added the zombie army as the background singers and it was HILARIOUS!

They were grunting and groaning and falling all over during the song and it made this song my favorite performance of the season, so far. 

Close second? The sassy fight song that Isabella and Madalena sing to each other. Madalena's hair and gown in this scene was amazing!

The costumes this season have been gorgeous. If you don't recall the dress, watch Galavant online to see which one I am talking about. Is it too early to rally for a costume Emmy?

Isabella: You think so, hoe?
Madalena: I know so, prude!

Hortensia doesn't have much but at least they all have good attitudes. Isabella has really grown into a great leader and hopefully her parents will see this and step down because it is absolutely clear to everyone that those two should not be in power. 

The d'dew story wasn't my favorite but I am curious as to how that will all shake out. Thus fair, we haven't really encountered anything like the dark arts so it will be interesting to see how they craft this part of the story. 

The zombie army wins the night! They groan and moan but they will fight for love, what's better than that?!

What did you guys think? Are you enjoying the zombies as much as I am? How do you think the battle will end? Sound off in the comments below!

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Galavant Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Please, you must save him. He's my bestie.


I'm sorry bunny, I suck at war. That's why our kingdom was taken by Richard in the first place.

King of Valencia