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On their way to Hortensia, Richard realizes he knows Roberta from his childhood. It turns out that Richard smuggled the Jewel of Valencia out when they escaped. Galavant thinks the Jewel is the key to them getting an army and saving Isabella.

In Hortensia, Isabella is still under Wormword's mind control. She is happy and in full wedding planner mode and Gwynne notices how different she is acting. 

Gwynne panics when Chef throws out food and Chef reminds Gwynne that they are living large now and don't need to eat food from the trash. She is still having trouble adjusting to their new upgraded life in Hortensia. Chef asks Isabella for advice and comments on her tiara and she growls him away. Chef decides that they will leave because Gwynne is so unhappy. 

Galavant wants to get Richard out of his hair and thinks that setting Richard and Roberta is the key and he plays matchmaker. Richard is uninterested so Galavant intervenes by singing a romantic song, "Maybe You Won't Die Alone," and Richard sets himself on fire. The next morning, Galavant, Richard and Roberta continue on their quest but it's clear that Roberta has feeling for Richard, even if Richard says they are just friends.   

Madalena is invited to a Sunday Roast gathering at the home of the mean "It" girls in the kingdom. Madalena is desperate to be included in their group but the Sunday Roast isn't what she expected. The party is actually a comedy roast of her and she returns home where Gareth and Sid are playing a drinking game. Madalena is upset at how the women treated her and realizes she has feelings. Gareth cheers her up with a "gift" and they share a sweet moment. 



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Galavant Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

I'm a prop comic, not a dancer.


We are officially big pimping!