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Jessie wakes up and Gil's not in bed. He can't stop replaying the video of that guard saying "I swear, I don't know what happened inside those parties."

Jackson calls Shawn. Today he's going to look into Petey's disappearance to try to tie it to Carroll.

Terry's brother (?), Dennis, is worried about those Quitman boys stirring up trouble. They had done a robbery together in the past and that's how they wound up in Quitman in the first place, because he trusted Terry, so he doesn't much now.

Jackson has a case from Marina. They have to try to keep a teenager out of Huntsville.

Gil is on Bobby's boat, holding a gun to his head.

Jackson says the kid they're looking at is still a scared little kid, even though he looks like a man. Involuntary manslaughter for throwing bricks off of an overpass, killing a driver. His friend threw the fatal brick, but he got eight years anyway. It's time to send him to adult prison, but not under Jackson's watch.

Dennis cannot stop thinking about the Quitman kids.

Shawn wonders where the hell Gil is because it's a big day at work. Gil is pistol whipping Bobby and trying to get him to cop to the parties.

Jackson finds no foster transfer and no death certificate in Pete Curtis' records.

Terry is sniffing around Jackson's house.

Jessie goes to see Jackson. Why are the police sniffing around Gil for Darryl's murder?

When Jackson introduces Marina to Jessie, it's beyond awkward.

Jackson acts as though he's searching for Pete to reunite him with his biological mother. His foster mother never saw him again, but was given a final payment from the Warden with the news that he was sent to a specialized group home.

Dennis is acting as a grief counselor to Annie, gathering information. That's when he finds out Boots wasn't even supposed to be in Houston, so nothing was planned.

When the police come to question Shawn and Gil, Shawn explains why he knows Gil so well. He went door to door when his family first moved and Gil was the first kid to accept him and they've been friends forever.

Bobby is telling Gil what he wants to hear, but Bobby really doesn't want to hear this. While Gil was looking down in horror at what he was remembering, Bobby gets the jump on him.

Jackson makes his closing statement. Don't take his future.

Shawn finds Gil just as Bobby is about to shoot him through a pillow. Gil takes control, killing Bobby and unloading the entire cartridge in him.

Dennis and Terry were in a gang back in the day, and Dennis got out. Terry, though, stayed in and as a result Dennis' father was killed at the dinner table. So Dennis DID find God and turn around. But he kept Terry in his life.

Carroll is at Bobby's boat. It's clean.

Terry is at Jackson's place, "fixing the broken sprinkler" he kicked over earlier. Marina is taking him into the basement.

Gil plops down a dollar bill to retain Jackson.

Jackson wants the camera with the confession. Now. But it's too late. Jessie has it. Now she's an accomplice after the fact. Great!

Gil tells Jessie about the parties.

Shawn calls Annie to check in.

Jackson goes home and Marina tells him about "the nursery guy" who left him a package. It's filled with photos of Marina.

Game of Silence
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Game of Silence Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jackson: He may look a little different, but he's still just a scared little kid.
Marina: Are you sure we're talking to the same guy?
Jackson: We need to humanize him. DA's gonna paint him as a monster, but that's not who he was when he went in. Juvie did that, Huntsville's gonna make him worse.

Jackson: Confession.
Shawn: Yeah.
Jackson: From a dead man. That makes it look like we coerced him into saying something. That ties us into his murder. Did you think about that?