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Cersei is cornered by Lancel and his men, and she is forced to go see the high Septum. 

She declines and chooses battle, forcing the mountain to pick off one of the sparrow's men. 

They retreat and Cersei goes to Tommen's speech about a change in King's Landing. The change is that trials by combat will be abolished. 

Cersei is shocked to the core and wonders how she will get out of this one. 

Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei try to make jokes, but they are all pretty bad. They are interrupted by noise outside and are shocked to notice that the masters have come to take back the city. 

Daenerys returns in the nick of time and they get set to plan out a way to win thie war. 

Jaime still has Edmure captive and gets set to send him in to take Riverrun back, but he declines. Jaime then brings his son into it and makes it clear that he isn't fussed about who he has to kill to achieve his goal. 

Edmure goes to Riverrun and orders his men to take the blackfish captive. 

Lady Crane helps Arya and sends her to sleep. When she awakens, Lady Crane is murdered by the Waif and after an intense chase through the streets, Arya and the waif do battle. 

Arya then goes back to the house of black and white and declares that she is returning home. 

The Hound is picking off the men that killed his people and comes across the red priest. They bicker over who the Hound gets to kill.


Game of Thrones
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