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The Hound is revealed to be alive and working with Ian McShane's character. 

They have a lengthy chat about their purpose in life and the Hound believes that he should have died. 

Jon and Sansa head to Bear Island to come to an agreement about getting support in their war against the Boltons, but the meeting didn't go all that well and it was down to Davos to save the day. 

In the end, they leave with 62 more men. 

They have less luck at the next place and it was Sansa's turn to talk up the army. 

Theon continues to struggle in the aftermath of recent events, but Yara and him come to an agreement to meet Daenerys and make a pact with her. 

Jaime has to argue with the Blackfish as he tries to take the castle back from him, but there's a huge argument between them. 

Arya throws down some money towards a cabin, but the Waif appears in form of an old woman, stabs her and throws her in the canal. 

Arya narrowly escapes and walks through Bravos, but no one helps her. 

The Hound comes back to find his new friends all brutally murdered and grabs the axe.

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Does it move or talk? I want to speak to you alone.


Cersei: I heard you were leaving King’s Landing.
Olenna: That is hardly your concern.