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Everyone wanders listlessly through Kings Landing.

Tyrion makes his way to the Red Keep to find what's left of his family, and Jon and Davos question Grey Worm about why he's still killing people who are so clearly defeated. He's following the orders of his queen to kill all those who follow Cersei Lannister.

Tyrion finds Jamie's hand in the rubble and begins to unpack what's left of her brother and sister, sobbing as he finds them together in death.

Despite all that occurred, the Unsullied still stand tall outside of Kings Landing. Grey Worm is standing tall when Jon approaches, a massive frown on his face. 

Sickle's up as the queen rides her dragon over the army and her presence at least appears commanding as she walks forth with Drogon's wings making it seems as if she could fly herself.

Daenerys claims victory to a roaring crowd before promoting Grey Worm to Queen's Master of War.

She's still ranting when Tyrion appears. She's assuring her army the war is not over until everyone has been freed from the tyrannical wheel of tyrany. Tyrion, Jon, and Arya look on in horror.

Due to their difference of opinion, Tyrion rips the hand of the queen from his chest daring Daenerys to move. She strikes by requesting that her men take him.

Arya and Jon meet up. She reveals why she was in town. Cersei got killed by Dany, instead.

Jon visits Tyrion without wine. How rude. Tyrion believes maybe it's justice that he betrayed his closest friend and watched him burn. Maybe Varys ashes can tell his ashes I told you so.

Tyrion knows all that he's done from strangling his mother to betraying his queen. The latter he'd do again.

Tyrion finds it hard to believe Jon can say out loud that the war is over now. There is another difference of opinion. Tyrion was wrong. Tyrion reminds Jon that all his father did and even Dany's doesn't compare to the number of people she just killed.

Jon's fear of betraying his queen is embarrassing.

Daenerys has grown more powerful the more evil men she's killed and gotten cheered in the process. She believes that her destiny is to free the world, and if she truly believes it, she'll stand between anything between her and paradise.

It's up to Jon to step Dany's reign of terror. It will be easier since he's not considered a threat. Drogon lets Jon pass.

Dany sees the Iron Throne and her eyes widen. 

Jon gets a chance to confront Daenerys who uses Cersei's refusal to bend a knee so to say for her reasoning in killing all who lived in King's Landing.

Dany wants to burn it all down to forge a new path. She knows what is good, and so does Jon. All the other people who think they know what's good? Well, they don't get to choose.

It's enough for Jon to do what's right, declaring his fealty to Daenerys before stabbing her in the gut. Ash she lay in his arms, Drogon is awakened and mourning terribly. He trusted Jon, and that trust was broken.

Drogon uses futile efforts to wake his mother, bu the doesn't kill Jon straight away instead crying in pain at what is. He directs all of his anger at the Iron Throne, far more astute than we've given the dragons credit before now.

The symbol of the destructive power destroyed, Drogon picks up his mother and flies away.

Grey Worm begins to carry through Tyrion's execution, so we think, as he is taken to a council of men and women prapred to judge him. 

The Sullied has the city now. Sansa demands to know where Jon is and Yara gets angry that Jon killed her queen. Davos offers land to Grey Worm. They've had enough war. 

Worm wants justice, and that mean's Jon's life. He's angry when Tyrion essentially tells him to shut it. They need to choose a king or queen. Edmure launches into a speech about his statesmanly understanding when Sansa interrupts. Sit down uncle.

Samwell suggests a democracy and is laughed back into his chair.

Then they turn to Tyrion. He chats about the lure of stories and suggests Bran the Broken has the best story. He is our memory, the keeper of all our stories. When he reveals all of his thoughts, Brandon is the chosen. Why do you think he came all this way?

Sansa refuses to bend to Bran. The North will remain an independent kingdom as it was for thousands of years. Bran asks Tyrion to be the hand of the king. He refuses, and Davos is next in line. 

Grey Worm is still annoyed.

Jon is getting punished by getting sent to the Nights Watch where he will live a miserable, lonely life without love or children.

What they did doesn't feel right to Jon. Tyrion says to ask again in ten years.

John says goodbye to everyone.

Brienne adds a more fitting ending to Jamie's page in the annals of history.

Jon arrives at the Night's Watch and gets reuinited with Ghost.

Sansa is the queen.

Arya is an explorer.

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