Gary's bowling team just qualified for the finals, but they're going to go up against their biggest rivals, Kims' Florring.  Gary pushes the team to practice really hard and it eventually leads to one of their team members, Stuart, quitting.  Gary ends up having to ask Allison, who used to be the best member on the team, to join.  He doesn't admit to her that Stuart quit and pretends like he booted him to put on Allison, the better bowler. 

In the middle of the game, Gary accicentally admits Stuart quit and Allison stops playing.  However, when their son, Tom, ends up getting his hand stuck in a crane machine while attempting to get a stuffed animal for Kim's daughter, Ella, both parents come running to his side.  When Ella's father insults Jake, Gary and Allison decide to put aside their differences to beat Kim's Flooring.

The guys show up at home with the trophy... but it turns out they stole it.  They still lost.

Gary Unmarried
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Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Tom: What are you reading?
Ella: Pre-calc
Tom: I read the sequel, calculus

Ella: My people hate your people
Tom: You're talking about painters and floorers, not Koreans and whatever I am, right?