Gary has another date with Ms. Plummer but when Allison walks in on them making out on the couch, he realizes he needs to get her dating again to get her out of her life.  He tries setting Allison up with some guy he met at the coffee shop, but the guy turns out to be too perfect.  Joan (Ms. Plummer) sets Allison up with some guy from school, who she likes, but is a bit of a fixer upper.  Allison quickly scares him away.  Gary, meanwhile, has his own problems when he thinks Joan is trying to fix him up by making him dress up and go to the opera.  By the end, Allison and Gary realize they both need to change if they're going to last in any relationships.

Gary Unmarried
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Gary Unmarried Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Ms Plummer: Sometimes the anticipation of the event is more exciting than the even itself
Gary: So my reputation as a lovemaker precedes me

Random Guy: Excuse me, other people are waiting here
Gary: Yeah, but they're keeping it to themselves
Dennis: Burned!