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Bruce Boxleitner appears on this episode of GCB as Carlene's uncle, Burl.

The pastor suggests the Peacham's switch places for a week for the sake of their marriage.

Sharon's job is to put together the pastors bookshelves.

Amanda lets Blake know she knows he's is gay and it's okay.

Amanda gets a job at Cricket's company helping re-launch their washed up jean brand.

Carlene stands up to Ripp.

Cricket sets up Amanda.

The big costume party is a success, but Bitzi drops dead.



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GCB Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Amanda: Truthfully?
Blake: No, please lie. Cause it's a $35 million investment and I would like it to fail.

I didn't realize I had broken a commandment. Thou shall not wear slacks to church.