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The gang heads to Unincorporated Juarez to bless Carlene's Jesus Condos. On their way back they are kidnapped by Aztecs who want Carlene to sign over the land the condos will be built on. They escape but not before the Aztecs take Carlene's land deed.

Amanda and Gigi find out that Ripp is cheating on Carlene and Luke is covering it up.

After wondering in the desert the GCBs alert their rescuers by lighting Carlene's billboard on fire.

Carlene learns that the woman Ripp is seeing is actually his daughter.

Amanda and Luke decide to end their relationship.

One of Cricket's subsidiaries ends up buying Sharon and Zach's Losing It Wih Jesus company.

Blake informs Cricket that Mason knows about their arrangement.

Pastor Tudor kisses Amanda.

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GCB Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

What is the plural of Judas?!


Well, if avoiding you was a sin we'd all gone to Hell a long time ago.