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A beloved team member Bob spills coffee on some paranormal being that looks like an alien predator. He kills Bob and this causes the Bureau to go on lockdown.

Leroy and Annie team up to find and kill him but Max figures out that they can't kill him because it expands. Max and Barry go after them to let them know what he learned and ends up in the path of the creature. They manage to get away but can't seem to piece together how to get rid of him before the self destruction countdown reaches its end. 

They figure out that he needs water so they collect all the water in the Bureau to lure it in there but then Max and Leroy have to go back there to set up the device that will make the creature explode. They figure it out but then realize that the clock didn't stop because there was another one in their office, which they destroy in the microwave one second before the self destruct countdown.

Meanwhile, Leroy brings up the connection that Annie and Max seem to have but she points out that she has a bf and Max has a wife. Leroy explains that it sounds like her relationship with her boyfriend is over but they can't admit it yet, and it seemed like Max and Annie were in fact interested in one another. 

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

A BBQ on a Tuesday? That's genius.


Plus I love juicy gossip.