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Max and Leroy head to Hawaii to investigate a new case. They pose as two guys at a bachelor party and start to think that the photographer they purposely met with is hiding something. 
The photographer is found dead the next day meaning he knew something about the murders. 
Max sets Leroy up with a fellow cop at the resort. They end up having a dinner date while Max sneaks around trying to find clues of something in Keith's dark room. 
Turns out it is a demon that takes different forms, stealing people's hearts in the process and the cop is the suspect. She tries to trick Leroy but Max makes sure he doesn't hurt him and saves him.
Ava asks the team to spy on her daughter and what she is doing online. Her daughter Sharon figures it out and tricks them into trying to track her down while she is in their office. Annie shares a bit about her mother to make Sharon realize that it is wonderful to have a mother who cares.
Max is told he can see his wife, then shares with Leroy that their relationship wasn't great at the end. Leroy shares that he asked his ex to marry him but she said no. 
Claire is happy to see Max but asks for privacy from the guard then tells Max not to look for her and knocks him out to escape. 
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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Who would leave Hawaii to go to Florida? People live in Florida because they don't know about Hawaii.


You had a solo bachelor party?