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Charlie demanded Abby wear Crocs, so Abby has already lost the will to live. 

Lily has been texting Becca about the baby.

Phoebe is dating her professor. Super cliche is not the half of it. So disappointed.

It turns out Jo inherited her bakery, and if she can prove 60% of the money came from that, there is no way Frumpkis can take it.

Abby's parents are in town. Jake is leaving in three days.

Delia invites the girls to a super secret appointment in BH. Perhaps to find her wedding dress.

When Phoebe gets to her "date" with her professor, "Graham," she discovers he's invited the entire class. Is she projecting?

At the office, Delia is in a playful mood and wants to screw around with Albert. She's like a cat on a hot tin roof. She's ridiculous. Albert is pushing her away, and she's talking sex toys.

Jo arrives at the bakery to find Scott fucking a gal against the stuff in the kitchen. It's kind of unsanitary.

Jo has a box of paperwork and Scott suggests she just call Frumpkis, having not idea what's really going on. Her tinder date arrives while he's still stark naked.

Abby's parents are only staying one night. They came to get back her inheritance, the ranch in Sonoma. They need it to sell because their reserves are a little low.

It's where Abby and Jake were married. 

After the class trip, Phoebe scores a real date with Graham.

Harris asks Abby to go with him on a business trip to Ecuador.

Upon hearing Harris Campbell is the guy who Abby is seeing, suddenly her parents are ready and available to do anything, including watching the kids while she leaves the country.

After getting her wedding gown, Delia decides she can no longer do Albert in the office.

Abby is chatting with Becca when she falls to the ground. She's getting admitted to the hospital. Abby breaks and cries about it, too.

Phoebe misses the signs that Graham is gay, but his friend tells him he's closeted. And then asks her out. But I think the artist is gay, too.

Jo takes someone else home and gets pounded against the couch. For some reason, she seems scared.

Abby is about ready to go to meet Harris at the airport, but discovers Becca has been calling and she didn't see it. Her parents don't understand why she would be there for Becca when she ruined her marriage. Her parents are trash.

Abby gets to the hospital and discovers Harris is there, standing in for Becca's regular doctor. 

Jo finally realizes what she's doing is out of character. One of her Tinder dates put his hands around her neck and treated her like a piece of meat. She almost died, leaving Zooey alone. She goes to Jake with it, who tells her Frumpkis beyond disrespected her, and she deserves good things. 

Delia, meanwhile, has brought a hooker in to screw Albert while she watches. Talk about out of character.

Jake arrives at the hospital at the same time the boyfriend does, which is the same time the kids do along with Abby's parents. 

Becca has a rare form of morning sickness that means no more work, no more activity. Everyone looks around. 

Jake goes to Latvia and Harris goes to Ecuador without Abby. 

Jake and Jo say goodbye. 

In the end, Abby gives her parents the ranch.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Episode Number:

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Albert: Wait! Somebody could see us.
Delia: Yes. It's dangerous. I like it.
Albert: Not if my wife or your fiance found out.

Abby: This is the new hot eatery? Why is everyone standing?
Harris: It's a social experiment. The owner wants everyone to feel like they're at a party.