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Abby is leaving for New York, literally on the plane, when Jake gets a message from CW that TMZ knows about their baby. The kids don't even know about their baby. Whoops.

Jo, Phoebe and Delia are at a spa, as always, when Phoebe shares she's starting college. Delia doesn't admit to the girls she slept with Albert even though Jo gives her a damn good chance to do it.

Jo, meanwhile, is in a tiff over Frumpkis because Charlene is coming into town. Flash to Rize and we meet the blonde wonder. She's annoying, but in a completely different way than Jo. 

Abby meets Cat at the hotel in New York, no pressure at all about anything. Harris is there for the conference. Abby is surprised. She apologizes for the other night and a friend of his saunters up. The gal pal isn't amused with Abby while Abby is shocked to learn she'll be "paneling" with Harris tomorrow.

During the panel, Abby and Harris are asked about their Twitter activity, and Harris answers that they had some professional dinners but are not dating. Very definitive and final.

Jake is freaking out in front of the school when Jo happens by. He confides in her and Jo suggests he just tell the kids. Stop being a pussy. More people equals more love. Then she realizes she's bullshitting because she doesn't believe that herself. Screw Charlene. 

Delia talks to Albert. She wants to tell Gordon what they did. He's not on board with that. Delia doesn't plan on naming names.

Poor Phoebe is taking a class called Gender Now, and I'm scared to death for her. Pop Quiz: Do you consider yourself a feminist? If that's really what kids are discussing in school, I suggest they close them the hell up. The correct word is front hole or internal genitalia. OMG. Their first homework is to draw themselves as they see themselves naked. 

Abby and Harris chat; he says they're obviously on a different page. Just then Cat walks up wanting to know about their relationship. He can't be her friend because he wants to have sex with her. She assures him she does not have a lot going on just as Jake sends her an S.O.Fing S. text. OK, so maybe she does have a lot going on.

Abby attends the oldest oldest country club in LA with the Frumpkis family. That's when we learn that it was "Robert's" money that funded the bakery and Charlene who wants to insert herself into the middle of it since in California presenting seed money means you're part owner or something.

In class, it's time to see how everyone drew themselves. It's yet another instance of people being rude and objectifying Phoebe. I hate them.

Abby and Jake try a skype call to tell the kids about the pregnancy and it doesn't work at all. They end up telling them in the worst way possible. A couple from France about emotional bulimia, and before things get too far out of hand, Harris rescues her. Abby decides to go back to the hotel herself, however.

Delia tells Gordon she quit her case to prioritize them. She tries to tell him about her fling with Albert, but she tells him -- with tears in her eyes -- that it was an engagement before him, instead. Gordon admits to cheating on Courtney. It was the best he could do at the time, but it won't happen again. They hug it out.

Harris calls Abby to make sure she made it to her hotel alright. He admits he can't stop thinking about her as complicated women are his weakness. He's afraid she's a carrier of the same soul-sucking virus his wife had. The chat gets them both horny in no time at all it seems like phone sex is about to happen. Yep, it's coming. At least, Abby soon will be.

The next morning, she flirts with him, and he acts like an asshole again. 

Her friends want her to transfer out of Gender Now, but Phoebe doesn't want to pull a "Classic Phoebe" and run away when things get tough.

Delia asks if anyone was attracted to other men before getting married. How about everyone?

Jo tries to talk sensibly to Charlene regarding the bakery, but you can just tell as soon as she says it that she has no intention at all of backing off. 

Phoebe gives her professor a piece of her mind, tells him that it was borderline creepy asking them to draw themselves naked and he gives her an A because she's right and he does often tumble over the edge of appropriateness and he agrees with her. Feminism should be about women attacking each other.

Harris and Jo are going to have six hours to six next to each other on the plane on the way back to LA.

Delia calls Jo about her divorce. Roadblock on the division of assets. They want the bakery. The whole thing. Delia's advice? Play nice until she negotiates, because no way in hell Jo can afford the legal fees to really fight for it, nor will she want to drag Zooey into the dark and dirty legal battle.

On the most unrealistic flight ever flown from NYC to LA, Harris and Abby then have sex in the bathroom. I don't know how badly you'd want to have to have sex to want to screw in the bathroom.

Abby gets home to find her kid peed the bed and Lilly stayed to help.

Delia screws Albert again.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jo: OK, either my ears are melting or I just heard you say I am rushing things with Gordon because I almost played hide the pastrami with little Albert.
Delia: Jo, maybe you should just chill out.

Screw that blended family shit. I'm not blendin' it for anyone.