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Abby and Harris are in bed, and she's pushing a little too far. Again.

Abby and Barbara arrive at a Divorce conference. She's apparently the star attraction. 

Delia and Albert are screwing on her desk.

They're getting to the point where they don't like to be apart from each other. 

Scott has his bare ass on the wooden table where all of the food is prepared. It's disgusting.

Frumpkis and Charlene show up. Frump with the news that Charlene will be managing owner of the LLC because she soooo wants to help out at the bakery. 

The dude Phoebe was hanging out with is giving her a drawing lesson. He suggests working in a gallery, posing, whatever. It's annoying that she thinks she can just decide to be an artist.

Barbara and Abby are arguing over their personal issues, but Barbara ends up agreeing that they both have issues, and asks Abby to walk with her.

Phoebe becomes the model and Aaron Staton from Mad Men begins to draw her. He looks like he's dying of cancer.

Abby is a little disgusted to find out someone wants her to sign a photocopy of her divorce papers.

JD sketches Phoebe for Joaquin who will then put it into photoshop and manipulate it and apply filters.

Abby realizes she has been too glib. She's really sick by what she saw with that woman. Barbara tells her to stay on message.

At the girls' party, Delia makes a really disparaging remark about her upcoming nuptials in front of Gordon's mother.

Scott asks what's going on with Jo and she gives him a post-it version. Charlene tells Jo she smells like booze and should take the weekend off.

Abby gets in front of the crowd of people, a full house, and uses her message. She's OK with being hope.

When she gets home, Delia is at her door. She admits to Abby her affair with Albert, her sensible side checked out, assures Abby she can be a wife. 

Jo appears hoping to spend the night, claiming roaches. With Becca in the guest house, Abby offers the couch.

Albert cuts short his trip with his family and Delia cuts off their affair. She can't be an adulteress. She can't handle the guilt.

Joaquin embarrasses Phoebe at the art do.

Someone talks to Abby about putting her hope onto a line of merchandise.

Jo goes into Rize to find Scott and Charlene in a compromising position. Charlene doesn't care if Jo tells "Robert" because he'll believe whatever she says.

Abby is excited about the merchandise until she sees the dart board with Jake's face on it.

Jo and Frumpkis have a real argument. It's painful.

Phoebe asks JD to get some tacos and tells off Joaquin.

Abby admits to Barbara how little she really enjoys the sexy divorcee thing.

Abby tearfully tells her whole story to SheShe. She's not ditching her brand, but she's expanding it. Nooo. Her thing is working. Barbara agrees with Abby. They're finally on the same page.

Gordon has to take his mom to LAX, but not before he gives her a gift he found at the front door. Delia opens it. Photos of her and Albert.


Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

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I just believe people should really get to know each other before they define who they are in a relationship.