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Abby's book editor wants a lot of changes, specifically to get inside of her first serious relationship outside of Jake.

JD is sketching Phoebe. She feels like she's on Titanic. Her ex is coming over to pick up the kids. Apparently she still has them.

At Rize Scott is telling Jo how nice her hair looks and gives her a compliment on her top. When he makes her coffee, she gets angry and wants him to stop. One soft moment doesn't change them forever.

JD does a really great job talking to Ralf. Strange.

The girls meet for coffee. Abby has been shopping for Becca. Jo is sweating. Abby wants to monogify Harris. She gets a call from Becca and the rest all wonder if it's a little single white mommy ish. Yep.

Ralf thinks there is definitely a show in JD's work. Ralf seems very turned on by it. He wants to take on the challenge.

Abby calls Harris and asks if he'll join her at JD's show and her place for pre-drinks. If Abby could see his face, she wouldn't feel nearly as excited about the evening.

Jo admits how worried she is about Abby and Becca, wondering if Abby is bogarting Becca's uterus. Abby assures her she is not.

At Delia's place, Gordon is going nuts about his shirts. The entire fall line has to be moved because they sewed the pocket on upside down.

Becca thinks she should check into the hospital, but Abby assures her she's fine, fine! Yes, the situation is unusual, but she doesn't want Becca to deprive her of the throes of baby fever!

Phoebe is coaching JD on her friends before the party. Ralf says Carla doesn't like that they're spending time together. Phoebe says to make sure he tells her she's taken.

Scott doesn't think Jo should be giving pastries away to her friends. He's jealous he wasn't invited. Or something.

Gordon wants to skip the night, but Delia pushes it. It seems like there is something else going on.

Harris is wowing the guests and JD feels less than. He doesn't want any pity purchases. He tries to be conversational and puts his foot into his mouth.

Gordon arrives and needs a drink. Charlie wants food and goes into a mini tantrum. Harris treats him really well.

There is a terrible sound and the air conditioning goes out. Abby panics and runs out to see if Becca is alright. After two seconds? I think so. Harris cannot believe Becca Reilly is living in the guest house.

As they're all sweating, Scott shows up with minty smores. Jo is angry. Gordon says they're going home NOW. His uncharming side surfaces, and it's hard not to think that something bigger is going on.

Ralf doesn't want to introduce JD as the artist. Let him remain an enigma for a while. Ralf takes Phoebe and walks off to sell art.

At Abby's, she's not doing the right thing. Again. 

Jo asks Scott why he's being like this with her, all of a sudden. Because he's always felt like this Jo!! You just haven't been paying attention!!

JD's paintings are selling, but JD is sitting alone on the stairs. Ralf bought the painting of Phoebe. Ralf uses Phoebe selling the paintings, working the room, as a reason to try to get back together with her. 

Harris thinks Abby is a little nuts. Having Becca move in is like throwing gas on the fire. Harris just doesn't think Abby is capable of accommodating his needs. Becca bursts into the room. She's in labor. They need to get to the hospital.

Jo is making out with Scott on the couch. Abby screams at her - just keep the couch!!

Delia suggests they move to New York for a few months, at least up to the wedding, if that will make things easier on him.

Becca has the baby. It's black. Abby faints.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jo: I still cannot believe Jake shoots a load into a starlet and you are out shopping for her.
Abby: OK. Inappropriate!

My ass is so damp it feels like it's growing moss.